Spousta věcí je opravená, nicméně pořád ještě jsou tu reporty o nějakých zbývajících problémech. Například problém s detekcí multihitů, Gen má “PS4-only” infinite

Na druhou stranu input lag je už srovnatelný s Xbox360 verzí — konkréně je 89 milisekund (Xbox má 85).

– Reduced input latency
– Improved online match performance
– Overall audio balancing to correct volume levels; several corrected audio bugs
– Fixed bug where character movement SFX are replaced by ambient stage sounds
– Addressed matching not working correctly within the Replay Channel
– Fixed localization issue in Spanish for the control customization UI
– Fixed bug where grey box appeared around OPTIONS in MY LIST
– Fixed resolution “snap” between menu transitions
– Fixed crash bug where leaving the game in Trials for extended period
– Addressed Juri pinwheel graphical corruption
– Added Special Titles (From Prize Codes). Note: There are no more Prize Codes, which is why the input is disabled
– Fixed bug where Title/Icon Scroll speeds were sluggish
– Adjusted volume of announcer compared to other sound levels