Disclaimer: PSX build není finální. I sám Capcom prohlásil, že některé věci se ještě změní, některé i dost radikálně; a pár ne zcela povedených změn označil za “omyl”. Nicméně zde je výčet změn oproti S1, které lidi zatím identifikovali. Jen pro info — jde o kombinaci celé řady zdrojů; a současně se rozhodně nejedná o definitivní výčet.


Všechny non-ex DP přišli o invincibilitu (otázka je, jestli o veškerou, nebo jen o celkovou. Zatím se neví jistě)

Anti-air jab (LP) útoky by měly být horší. Někdo tvrdí že jsou, někdo že ne; ale minimálně nerf následných 50/50 mixupů je v plánu

Přehozy jsou plošně horší — jak výhoda, tak spacing se plošně mění v neprospěch útočníka, aby se omezilo následné okizeme

V-Reverzaly jsou také obecně horší, odhazují soupeře dál, je po nich menší výhoda

Šedý život se regeneruje poloviční, možná i třetinovou rychlostí. To je velký buff pro všechny postavy, které jsou schopné “chipovat” normal útoky; a velký nerf pro všechny armorované útoky

Došlo k plošnému snížení damage u (skoro) všech postav (ale nic drastického)

update: Obecně pomalejší nárůst EX metru


  • 875 Health
  • Moderate walk speed
  • 3 Bar V-Trigger
  • V-Reversal knocks down
  • KKZ = QCF x2 +P
  • V-Trigger cancel off of any normal and grounded special move
  • Can cancel normals into Raging Demon on whiff
  • Raging demon accessible in V-Trigger mode only
  • Ex Demon Flip is projectile invincible on start up (similar to Vega ex rolling crystal flash)
  • Ex Demon Flip can go behind opponent like Cammy hooligan and come back with dive kick follow up (strikes mid and can cross up)
  • *Possibly demon flip grab from other side???
  • St.mk has good reach and force stands
  • Crush counters are cr.hp / st.hp / st.hk
  • B+hp is an AA and launcher that is special cancelable
  • HP DP is throw invincible
  • BNB Combos
  • ->cr.hp->st.mk->v skill k follow up (launcher) -> v skill p follow up (palm)
  • * builds good meter like necalli/karin style
  • -> cr.mp->st.mk->tatsu->hp dp
  • -> cr.mp->st.mk->v skill + k follow up (launcher) ->demon flip + p
  • -> st.hk TC (2 hits) -> st.mk/st.mp-> v skill + k follow up (launcher) ->ex demon flip + k follow up (dive kick) -> hp DP
  • -> CC st hk-> st.hk TC (2 hits) xxx v trigger -> st.mk->v skill k follow up (launcher) xxx KKZ


  • EX air command grab positions ALEX further away than before. He can no longer dash up and be as advantageous as before (RIP)
  • F+HP on block slightly pushes him back more
  • F+HP on hit changed from +5 -> +6 ( at the very least and possibly higher)
  • * F+HP(6f) -> st. mp (6f) is now possible to combo without crush counter ^_^
  • Powerbomb leaves him at a further position. Auto timing for lp elbow slash requires micro step to reach now
  • Cr.lp now can combo into lp flash chop outside of counter hit
  • Air stampede (-5 on block) creates more of a push back on block. Could possibly be spaced out to make it even more difficult to punish on block by 5 frame moves (limbs) or faster. Can punish w/Karin CA(5f) but could not punish 100% with cr.mp/st.mp(5f)
  • New BNB
  • -> f+hp->st.mp->st.lk->ex flash chop
  • -> cr.lk->cr.lp-> lp flash chop
  • -> f.hp->st.mp xxx VTrigger -> st.hp-> sledgehammer -> suplex

M. Bison

  • St.lk start up frames changed from 4f->3f
  • HP psycho inferno on hit can link into lp psycho ball
  • DF+HP (Psycho Axe) -> cr.mk is now possible to combo outside of crush counter
  • Either Psycho axe went from (6->7) on hit or cr.mk went from (7f-6f) startup to make this work
  • Ex headstomp connecting to airborne opponent can follow up to skull driver regardless of height
  • Skull driver drops at a faster rate to make this possible now
  • V-skill can now absorb 1 projectile and be stored. Input v skill command again to release projectile
  • update: stored fireball can be used as combo extender
  • V-Trigger lk scissors is plus
  • TC (mp->df+hp) speed increased but only links to Standing Light Kick
  • update: backdash is reported to be faster
  • update: long and detailed post about new Bison to be found HERE


  • Pinwheel motion changed from Kicks -> Punches
  • V-skill start up seems faster now, especially full charged v skill
  • Less push back on st.mp


  • V trigger bar changed from 3->2
  • Cr.mp creates further push back now
  • Due to cr.mp increase in push back, current Sonic Boom loops are no longer possible
  • *perhaps new ways to do so will be possible ; )
  • St.hp no longer crusher counters
  • Cr.hp now causes crush counter state

Chun Li

  • Air legs have been changed from plus frames to negative (-2)
  • Cr.lk is now special cancelable into lightning legs
  • Can mash/piano input for Lightning Legs now, or still use the QCF + K command. Move properties same regardless of input, mash or motion.
  • Regular lightning legs (2 hit) is cancelable into V-Trigger
  • EX lightning legs (1st rotation) is cancelable into V-Trigger
  • Push back added to cr.lp/st.lp
  • Increased recovery on fireballs
  • Can cancel specials into V-Trigger now as well.
  • Standing LK is now 5 frames
  • New BNB
  • -> CC b+hp -> Ex Lightning Legs(1st rotation) xxx V-Trigger-> b+hp-> Ex Lightning Legs
  • ->cr.lk x2 -> ex lightning legs


  • Lariat hits crouching opponent now
  • St.lk vaccums opponent in now allowing for better combo potential into lariat
  • Cannot tech backwards after getting hit by lariat?
  • Rumors says increased SPD range, but not confirmed so far


  • St.HP causes crush counter state now (?)
  • MK/HK bull revenger seems like it grabs faster
  • Penguin dive has less push back on block now. A bit easier to punish on block
  • More push back on HP Bull Head


  • Damage scaling increased during combos but not significant
  • Command grab changed from Punches -> kicks
  • Disk guidance has armor on frame 1 now


  • Crouching Medium Punch has better horizontal hitbox can hit chars further away.
  • Stand Heavy Punch is now a crush counter, beware fireball throwers.
  • Hitstun on limbs is now plus on hit, so it means you will have to respect his far limbs a lot more.
  • Previously, Dhalsim’s far reaching limbs were minus or 0 on hit, so you didn’t have to respect him after being hit, now it’s different.
  • Yoga Anvil (Back + Heavy Punch) reduced in startup from 12 frames to 10. No more brainless jumping in.
  • Back + Medium Punch went from 8 frame startup to 6 frames now.
  • Hearing V-Skill has much faster startup, and float jab has more hit and blockstun so you can’t just hit him out of it.
  • Standing Light Kick went from 5 frames to 4 frame startup. Dhalsim can punish easier now with it.
  • Standing Heavy Punch feels way faster!
  • Slide Trigger buffed, flame doesnt go away anymore.
  • Some of his far reaching limbs can be cancelled into super. Far range st.HP crush counter xx Super is a combo.
  • Air Heavy Punch is slower.
  • Down-Back + Medium kick is a real low which is ideal for midrange foosties.
  • People overall seem pretty hyped about how good Dhalsim can be in this version right now.


  • B+mp changed from 4f->5f
  • V-skill step kick pops opponent up higher now
  • TC (b+mp->hp) xxx v skill step kick -> ex dp is possible now
  • Air ex tatsu is negative on block if it lands above the knees of opponent
  • Air medium tatsu increased in hurtbox and less active frames
  • HP DP is throw invincible
  • crouch MP is +2 on block
  • crouch MK is +5 on hit and +2 on block (Capcom already announce this was a mistake)
  • MK > RH > HK tatstu links
  • Run is now slower
  • His damage get nerfed but less that for other characters, so it is buff in the end
  • All normals are globally 1fslower
  • Fireball is -8 on block
  • Jab is +5 on hit co you can combo TC from it


  • Slower start up on moonsault
  • Increased recovery frames on back dash
  • Distance shortened on back dash
  • Increased recovery frames on V-Trigger

R. Mika

  • Increased start up on f+mp (irish whip) Visually looks really slow
  • ”Invisible wall” is removed during irish whip meaning you can no longer back dash and create the wall for opponent to bounce off of
  • Increased frame on cr.hk slide
  • Looks like more recovery frame after landing Brimstone command grab (K command grab)


  • Increased recovery frame on all dive kicks. EX has to land on the knee or lower to be “safe”
  • Air throw added
  • V-Reversal doesn’t knockdown anymore.
  • Standing Light Kick still looks like it’s +1, instant tick throw still there.
  • All dive kicks looked nerfed on block except V-Trigger version.


  • Aegis Reflector seems to stay out longer than before
  • Cr.mk change from -2 -> +1 on block
  • Cr.mp changed from 0 -> +1 on block
  • Step kick (b+hk) changed to df+hk
  • Cross up lk is now added
  • update: can now anti-air with HK while holding back for charge without getting Quarrel Kick


  • Cr.lp->lp elbow can now combo outside of counter hit
  • update: cr.LK cr.LP xx Bolt confirmed as a combo
  • EX thunder clap positions opponent higher now on hit in non v trigger state
  • update: EX fireball hits slower what opens new options on hit
  • V-Reversal push back distance increased
  • Auto timed oki (i.e back throw ->dash ) is no longer advantageous due to added recovery on throws
  • update: cr.MK hitbox slightly rectracted, unknown if hurtbox changed to reflect this or not
  • update: better forward walkspeed reported
  • update: V-Skill is aither airborne or low crush
  • update: super now reach 3/4 of screen, works as anti-projectile
  • update: medium shoulder goes through fireballs


  • St.lk changed from +3->+1 on block
  • Added push back on st.hp on block
  • Aerial TC added ( hits airborne only)
  • V-Reversal push back distance increased
  • Jab reset still there, but no longer gets 50/50 mixup.


  • Cr.hp (no claw) causes crush counter state now
  • Travel distance for ex crystal flash is decreased
  • Buster claw (F+hp) spins opponent in the air now instead of grounded spin when landing a crush counter. Slide follow-up possible, more in corner.
  • Clawless crouch HP is now crush counter. If you use it as antiair, allows combo follow-up


  • Upper Screw is a DP motion now.
  • Still no invincible reversal even when using EX meter.
  • Lower damage on EX rush.
  • Damage seems overall the same
  • update: crouch MK hits low


  • In V-Trigger special moves don’t require charge time
  • update 2: Sweep into trigger +7 on hit
  • update 2: Senpukaya felt slower (like 11f)
  • update 2: throw does less damage (global change)
  • update 2: cr.LK is fater
  • update 2: after st.GK (2nd hit blocked), you still trades with 3f moves
  • update 2: teleporting to other side into senpukaya auto-corrects now


  • Startup for some normals is slowed down, but in V-Trigger his frame data is actually better.
  • V-Reverzal is negative on hit
  • No follow-up after throws
  • DF is 4f now and not invincible (unless EX)
  • Global damage nerf
  • standing LK is still 4f
  • update: slower recovery on fireball outside of V-Trigger, faster in V-Trigger


  • V-Trigger is 2-bars now
  • General damage buff (while others get nerfed)
  • update: Got the D-low. Ex Kunai restock, +on St mk, can press any normal from her glide. All this buffs are considered generally useless.