Most of you know what’s going on, but let’s recap the Buttonczech ruleset.

Bring your own controller, button-check properly, don’t pause, play Double Elimination, win 2/3 games (3/5 in Top 3, i.e. Winners Finals, Losers Finals, Grand Finals).

Loser can change anything (character, stage, in-game side, chair, place with the opponent, …).

System: Double Elimination

Guilty Gear Xrd -REV2-

Version: PS4
Settings: Versus Mode, 99 Seconds, 2/3 Rounds, 2/3 Games (3/5 for Top 3)

Dragon Ball FighterZ

Version: PS4
Settings: Local Battle, 300 Seconds, 2/3 Games (3/5 for Top 3)

  • It is forbidden to change the game voice-over.
  • Winner is not allowed to change order of characters in his team.
  • Pausing the game at any time during the fight will force you to forfeit the whole match.

Tekken 7

Version: PS4
Settings: VS Battle, 60 Seconds, 3/5 Rounds, 2/3 Games (3/5 for Top 3)

  • Tournament mode is disabled, unless any of the players requests it.
  • Loser is allowed to manually choose the stage as well.
  • Only default costumes are allowed.

Street Fighter V Arcade Edition

Version: PS4
Settings: Versus Mode, 99 Seconds, 2/3 Rounds, 2/3 Games (3/5 for Top 3)

  • Winner is not allowed to change V-Trigger.
  • Kanzuki Beach, Flamenco Tavern and Skies of Honor stages are banned from the tournament.

General rules

  • DLC characters are allowed only if their EU release is at least 14 days before the tournament. This means that characters released on April 6th or later are not allowed to be used in the tournament.
  • Pausing the game at any time during the fight will force you to forfeit the round (the inevitable defeat rule applies here, more info down below). This rule is not subject of decision of either player — the responsible player is obliged to forfeit the round even when his opponent does not require it.
  • Every player is obligated to provide their own controller for the games played on all systems. Legacy controllers are allowed. Converters are allowed as well, but they are subject to the individual responsibility of the player using them.
  • Draws/ties are forbidden. In case of tie/draw actually happening, no player is considered the winner of the match and the game must be re-played using exactly the same settings (characters, v-triggers, stages…).
  • All macros available via the in-game controller configuration menu are allowed. Hardware programmable input, rapid-fire and other hardware assisted mechanisms are strictly forbidden.
  • Interrupting another game due to careless manipulation with your wireless controller will lead to the said player’s disqualification or to autoforfeit of their next game or, in an extreme case, the player will be forced to leave the tournament grounds. Players whose game was paused will continue from the moment where they where interrupted.
  • Before every set played on a PS4, players are obligated to delete all unused wireless controllers from the console. If failing to do so results in the game being paused mid-match, it is their own fault with no binding consequences for anyone.
  • If the players do not agree on a stage within 15 seconds, the stage shall be selected at random.
  • The winner of a match is not permitted to change characters nor any related settings (button mapping not included).

Inevitable Defeat

Inevitable Defeat is defined as when a player has legally won the round or match (i.e. landed a move that will kill the opponent) but pauses the game before the game awards the round won icon, will still be awarded the win. Inevitable defeat only applies when the losing player would inevitably die, thus losing the round (usually even when no further buttons are pressed).

1P vs. 2P

When both players are at the game console, they must come to an agreement as to which side of the machine they will play on (i.e. who will sit on 1P and who will sit on 2P).

If an agreement cannot be reached, a coin-flip shall determine who gets to pick their side.

When playing on main stage, sides (for the 1st game) are decided by organizers.

Choosing Characters

There are 2 methods for choosing characters. Standard Selection and Blind Pick. Unless either player explicitly asks for Blind Pick, it should be understood that the Standard Selection method is being used. If the players will not be able to select their Characters due to both of them waiting for the other player to choose first, the judge is permitted to apply Blind pick.

Standard Selection: Both players choose their characters whenever they want, i.e. free for all. Players pick who they want and start the match.

Once one player chooses a character, neither one of them is allowed to request a Blind Pick.

Blind Pick: Either player must explicitly ask for the Blind Pick before either player chooses a character, or it may be forced as a Judge decision.

When a player requests the Blind Pick, the player on the left side (1p) decides which characters and variations they will choose and whispers his selection to the Judge. The Judge then signals the player on the right (2p) to pick his characters and variations.

Once the player on the right (2p) has finished, the Judge makes sure the player on the left (1p) sticks to his original choices.

Winning the Match

The Match is over when either player wins the required number of games. Once a player has won the required number of games, the winner of the Match should report the result to the Organizer/Judge.

Options Available to the Loser of last Game

The player who lost the last Game has the option of switching sides (1p vs 2p) for the next Game. He also has the option of switching physical seats with his opponent, including the monitor when playing on the main stage. He is aslo allowed to choose whatever characters, character variations, or character order he desires.

Neither of these rules apply to the player who won the last Game.

Reporting of Rules Violations

It is the responsibility of the players in the Match to make sure all rules are followed and report possible rule breaks to a Judge immediately.

All non-gameplay rule violations must be reported to a Judge before the Game starts (e.g. the winner switching the characters after winning one Game in a Match).

Players are not allowed to stop a Game in progress to address a non-gameplay related rule violation. Rule violations must be reported at the time they occur. They will not be taken into account otherwise.

Equipment failure

In the event of an player equipment failure, they player has the option to stop the Game in progress to obtain a replacement. If a Game is stopped in progress, the responsible player must forfeit the current round (or whole game, as in the case of DBFZ) as per standard rules.

New equipment must be immediately available. If the player cannot find a suitable replacement for his equipment in a timely manner, the player must continue to play on their current equipment or forfeit the Match.

Once the replacement equipment is obtained, the player is given the rest of the round to configure their buttons and test the new equipment. If the player gains an unfair advantage by doing so (e.g. charging an abundance of super meter), they must forfeit the Game.

A player may opt to switch out equipment between Games freely. When this occurs, the player shall be given ample time to configure his buttons before the next Game begins.

Global rules

  • Any tournament players that are not present when their match is called for, without giving a valid reason for not being present, will have a period of five minutes to report to their station with the required equipment. After this period has expired, this player will be automatically forfeit his/her Match. This is a ZERO TOLERANCE policy.
  • Anyone visibly intoxicated or otherwise obviously under the influence of psychotropic substances will be immediately disqualified from the tournament and may be banned from further entering the tournament venue.
  • In the case when Czech and English rulesets differ, English ruling and/or wording takes precedence.