D’Vorah (Venomous) — Adjusted the Poison Stack algorithm to prevent the top end from getting so high
Ermac (Spectral) — Fixed a bug in which he could get stuck in flight controls
Goro — Fixed a bug which was preventing Krush from having its landing location chosen
Goro — Slightly increased the input window to meterburn PunchWalk on hit
Jacqui (Full Auto) — Decreased the block advantage on Up Rocket by 5 and slightly increased the pushback preventing a block trap
Jax — Adjusted Carl Weather skin hurt regions to better match the others
Johnny Cage — Ultra Flipkick now uses the correct damage value from hotfix data (12)
Kano (CutThroat) — Adjusted the armor frames of Charge Up to compensate for the faster startup
Predator — Fixed a bug which allowed Predator to sometimes have 2 Smart-Disc on screen at the same time
Predator (Hish-Qu-Tien) — Fixed a bug which was making it so Plasma Shot was ignoring some damage scaling
Quan Chi (Sorcerer) — Fixed a bug which allowed him to reset the cooldown of runes after a Final Hex has run out
Quan Chi (Sorcerer) — Reverted the temporary change of Final Hex block damage increase (back to 3x)
Reptile — Turned off the ability to 2in1 special cancel into Floating Ball
Reptile (Deceptive) — Added a short cooldown after Invisibility to prevent players from spending multiple bars of meter if executed very fast
Reptile — Lowered the input priority of Floating Ball
Shinnok — Away+FK now auto-faces correctly
Takeda — Reduced the cancel advantage from Towards+FP,BP,BP+BK by 1 preventing a block trap
Takeda — Fixed a bug which would cause the reaction to Tri Kunai to sometimes play in the wrong direction
Takeda (Ronin) — Reduced the block cancel advantage of Away+BP,FP,BP+BK by 3 preventing a
block trap
Takeda (Ronin) — Kool Whip Brutatlity when in Ronin should work more consistently now.
Tanya (Pyromancer) — Fixed a bug which was applying the Dark Shroud & Devil’s Dust damage to her throws and other misc damage
Tanya (Pyromancer) — Reverted the temporary change of the Dark Shroud & Devil’s Dust damage (back to 10)
Tanya (Pyromancer) — Dark Shroud & Devil’s Dust now use the correct lifetime value from hotfix data (7 seconds)
Tremor — Some variation specific moves now have corrected values in the movelist