Zkráceně: Nerf Nashe, buff Necalliho a Birdieho a částečně Bisona. Všechny postavy dostaly punch a kick V-reversal a punch a kick Crush Counter.

Nový build zatím NENÍ dostupný v rámci beta testu.

• Kara throws have been removed.
• Light to medium combos have been removed.
• Bison’s flame is now a quarter circle back input.
• Bison’s cr. HP is now a Crush Counter.
• Ken’s back, st.MP, st.HP target combo now knocks down.
• New sound effects for V-Triggers.
• Necalli gains armor on certain EX-attacks.
• Birdie’s V-Trigger activation is now an anti-air.
• Nash teleport is nerfed, some combos are not possible anymore
• Dragon Punches on guard are now on Crush Counter weakness. (We speculate this may mean that you’re susceptible to Crush Counter properties if hit during the recovery of a Dragon Punch.)
• Each character now has a kick V-Reversal and a punch V-Reversal.
• Each character now has kick Crush Counter and a punch Crush Counter.